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What Does Microplastic-Free Mean, Anyway?

Alpine Shrine Skincare uses biodegradable, industrial-compostable, and non-plastic materials for our balm, jars, and labels. Our materials were carefully chosen to be both sustainable and plastic-free.

We partnered with Sulapac, a revolutionary new packaging start-up that makes ocean-safe goods designed to breakdown quickly in the environment and leave no trace. You can learn more about it here at
Alpine Shrine Skincare Jars and Labels are also EN 13432 Certified and PLASTIC-FREE Certified (

How Long Will It Take for My Product to Biodegrade?

Under the right conditions, your Alpine Shrine All-Season Balm, Jar, and Labels will all biodegrade within 3-4 months. Not to worry, if kept at room temperature (or below), the shelf-life is estimated to be about 3 years! Click on the link below to see our jar breaking down after 3-months in an industrial compost facilty! Click here to watch video.

Do You Ship Outside the U.S.A.

Not at this time. But keep checking back as we continue to grow our business and find new partners overseas!

Can I Return a Product Once It's Been Opened?

Unfortunately, no. All of our products are sealed with a perforated label. Once this is broken, the product cannot be transferred, returned, or resold.

Where Can I Buy Alpine Shrine Skincare Products?

We offer our products both online and in select-retailers within the Continental United States of America. Please click on the link below to find a retailer near you!

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Does Alpine Shrine All-Season Balm Contain Nuts?

Yes, our products contain four different types of seed or nut-based oils. Please read the information label located on the bottom of each container carefully before applying to your skin.

Are Alpine Shrine Skincare Products Lab Tested?

Yes. Our products undergo a rigorous series of dermatological testing with 50 different people over the course of several months. This testing is done on human volunteers only. These clinical tests allow us to sleep easy, knowing our products are kind to all skin types!

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