Our Mission

Alpine Shrine Skincare Our Mission

Founded in 2019, Alpine Shrine is more than a skincare company. We are on a mission to provide eco-conscious adventurers with an alternative to all the junk that's out there. Literally. 

We love climbing, biking, skiing, fishing, sailing, surfing, hiking, kayaking, and just enjoying time in the great outdoors, which means we know how easily dry and damaged skin can ruin a fun time or a serious adventure.

We also know that most off-the-shelf skincare products are inadequate when combating the elements, often creating a vicious cycle when treating dry skin.

What's worse, our planet has become so congested with packaging waste, made from materials like plastic, glass, and metal, that it is permeating the very water we drink.

Plastic waste is everywhere and it's overwhelming.

Driven by our love for the wild, we thought, "why not make a skincare company that actually rescues dry skin and mother nature?”

After a lot of research and hard work,Alpine Shrine Skincare was born.
With your help, we can make skincare that is highly effective and take one step closer towards a plastic-free future.

So what are you waiting for? Join the adventure today!